“O Lord, the God of my Master Abraham, send me, I pray Thee, good speed this day.., thereby shall I know that Thou hast shewed kindness to my master.”— Gen_24:12-14.

FROM THIS beautiful incident we can learn much of God’s guidance of the soul. Evidently Eliezer, the faithful servant, had absorbed something of his master’s faith and method; so that, as we read this artless narrative, we can realize some of the principles on which the entire camp was conducted. Four times he speaks of “the God of my master Abraham.” When he had been taken into Abraham’s confidence, he entered into the plan with as much zeal and interest as if it were his own private concern. Would that we were equally intent on our Heavenly Master’s business, and that those who are our dependants and associates were equally impressed by the reverence and prayerfulness of our lives!
Each step was taken in fellowship with God; but that did not prevent him from exercising his own careful management of the successive steps for ascertaining the disposition of this young girl who was so suddenly summoned from the obscurity of Haran to become a link in the Messianic chain. Eliezer’s faith in the Providence of a trifle is most interesting and instructive. He held his peace as the girl drew the water; then, in the assurance of faith that his prayer for guidance had been answered, without further hesitation he placed the bracelets on her arms. Be on the outlook to see God’s hand in everything!
Count up the number of times in which this worthy man contrives to bring in the two words, “My master!” We may learn from him how to speak of our Saviour, whenever we get the opportunity–“Rabboni, which being interpreted, is, My Master!”
When asking for good speed to be sent to himself, he alleged as his plea that it would be showing kindness to his master Abraham. So when we ask great things from God, we can plead in the Name of Jesus and be sure that He will show kindness to us for His sake (Joh_15:16). This old-world story is a beautiful lesson for those who call Jesus Master and Lord.

Send me, O Lord, I humbly ask, good speed this day. May I know when to speak and when to be silent; when to act or refrain from action. In all details of daily life may I faithfully serve Thee, my Master and Friend. AMEN.

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